Shortcut Insider

Learn best practices in Microsoft Excel™ from data scientists, analysts, and investors.

Using Shortcuts

Excel™ wasn't designed to be used with a mouse. Using shortcuts can increase your analytical speed by over 100%.

15 sec
Without Shortcuts

Professionals who use Excel™ with a mouse take a longer to perform the same actions.

36 sec

Analyst On the Go

  • Impress everyone with amazing spreadsheet analysis done in half the time
  • Boost performance with the same exclusive training taught at top investment firms
  • Understand best practices for data security and significantly reduce operational risks
  • Eliminate boring and repetitive tasks using easy shortcuts and automation
  • Learn ergonomic shortcuts to reduce the discomfort of extensive mouse use
  • Make your point with visually appealing charts and graphs

Works anytime anywhere on desktop and mobile browsers.

Increase Productivity

Using Excel™ shortcuts saves time and money. Shortcuts are essential for investment and analysis professionals. New hires and advanced users who are wasting time clicking the mouse will benefit from this course. Our comprehensive course builds skills and eliminates bad habits.

Secure Critical Data

Learn how to control data and protect your most valuable assets. You will learn industry best practices for version control and data security used by the top hedge funds and investment banks. Learn techniques for

Relieve Repetition

You are tired of clicking the mouse. Work smarter, not harder. Increase ergonomic comfort and reduce the repetitive strain of from using a mouse. We teach to think in terms of finding efficient solutions, which we believe is the most valuable problem solving approach.

Shortcut Insider is Building a Community of Experts

We are building a passionate community of analysis and investing experts. We create short screencast tutorials for our members on many interesting topics. Our first language is Excel™. If you are interested to contribute please contact us.

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